#SomethingSocial Website Reboot

Don’t let your website go stagnant, after 2-3 years it’s time for a revamp!  Many small businesses have a website built and think that is it, I’m done!  As great as that would be the digital world is ever changing.  Websites are one aspect of your Social Face and your first impression to a new client.  Are you eye pleasing?  Easy to navigate? Can they find everything they need on your first page?  Are you interesting? When we look at a website for the first time we are making that decision whether to dine, shop, or get services based on how we feel and what we read.  At Something Social I have built and revamped websites. When was the last time your website was reviewed?
  • Is your website “at a glance friendly”
  • Outdated design
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Not Secure
If visitors can not find where to go on your site within five seconds they will lose interest. Email me and let me help you revamp!  

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